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Please take a moment to read our policies and requirements for adopting one of our rescues.

Policies & Requirements

  • All visits are by appointment only, please respect this as the rescue is at our home.
  • COMPLETED Adoption Applications are required for all adoptions. References are required. An adoption application can be completed online and kept on file.
  • Please make sure you read and understand our Adoption Contract before signing it; it is a legally binding document. There is a fee for all adoptions.
  • Please understand that owning a pet is a lifelong commitment. Before you adopt understand that pet ownership takes time, money and lots of patience.
  • All pets have a current NH health certificate prior to adoption, however the stress of transport and a new home can make a rescue more suceptible to illness. Please limit your pets exposure to dog parks, pet stores, and other high traffic areas to protect your new family member.
  • We REQUIRE that you take your new rescue to your vet within 48 hours of adoption. Please have an appointment set up before you take your new pet home.
  • We often have little or no information on the history of your new pet, this includes age, breed, health history and behavior. We strongly recommend at least a basic obedience class to help you start your new dog on the right foot (I mean paw).
  • We reserve the right to refuse any potential adopter. All decisions are final and are made by our members.

Call for your appointment at 603-964-1475 or e-mail

“Not sure if you remember; we adopted Ugly Betty (now known as Tasha) from you just about three years ago and she is the best dog ever. Everyone that meets her loves her. She is wonderful with our 2 kids whom are 11 and 9. I know it has taken me many years to say thank you (time gets away from us) but here is what she looks like now. She will be 3 years old on 10/13. Thanks from all of us.”
- Ron, Linda Sam and Matt Leone